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Getting Started

Q.What's LEVART?
A. LEVART is an online community to empower people to travel off the guidebooks. We have members from 50+ countries to bring positive experiences together, sharing stories, networking, practicing languages, discovering Japan together, or simply meeting new people. Find the things you want to see or do - no matter where you go.
Q.What is ANABA?
A. In Japanese, ANABA refers to a place only known to a few - hidden gems. The kanji for ANABA translates literally to "hole" (ana) - "place" (ba). It can be a ramen shop in some local neighborhood or a unique art space in the middle of nowhere only locals know about - all contributed by locals and curated by LEVART.
Q.What can I do with LEVART?
A. LEVART helps you find authentic experiences in Japan with locals - things you could enjoy only if you know locals. From ANABA shared by local members, you can take 2 different actions.

1. Connect with Local Members

Get in touch with locals through messaging. Look through ANABA to find likeminded locals who can show you around.

2. Ask for Help

Post requests related to ANABA and get locals help you. It could be something like Can someone help me get sumo tickets that are already sold out?I'll pay 2000 yen for your help. Ask for assistance for the kind of things your friends will help you. Allow locals to help you, and feel Japanese for a day.

Q.What should I do after the signup?
A. We highly recommend editing your profile as it significantly increases the chance of getting good requests or replies. If you're a traveler, add your trip so that locals can reach out to you. If you're a local member in Japan, share your ANABA so that likeminded travelers can find you.


Q.What can I do on LEVART as a traveler?
A. LEVART helps you find authentic experiences in Japan with locals - things you could enjoy only if you know locals.
  1. Finding ANABA shared by locals.
  2. Connecting with likeminded local members who can show you around.
  3. Pay locals to help you with Japan travel related requests if there is any.

Living in Japan

Q.What can I do on LEVART as a local?
A. If you currently live in Japan, likeminded travelers will find you when you share your ANABA. You can choose to just share and / or meet. You can even offer some assistance.
Participate as you like by:
  1. Sharing your ANABA.
  2. Accepting or sending requests to meet likeminded travelers.
  3. Getting paid by helping travelers with their Japan related requests.
* You can do all 3 or just 1, depending on your preference.

Adding Trips

Q.How do I add a trip?
A.Go to Trips in your dashboard and press Add Trip, and fill out your travel plans.
Q.How do I view other users' trips?
A.All trips can be viewed on the profile page of each traveler.
Q.What if I'm going to multiple cities in Japan?
A.You can consolidate and create just one post.
Q.Can I ask locals if I can stay at their homes during my trip?
A.No, we do not provide accommodation for travelers.

Finding Members


Q.How do I contact locals?
A. Once you have made an account, you can message any person you can find on the Locals page. From a profile page of a local member you want to message, press Message. Make sure you have filled out your profile as it helps your chance of getting replies quicker.
Q.Do I have to pay a fee to meet a local?
A.No it is free to meet locals. However, you need a LEVART Plus membership if you wish to message more than 3 people.
Q.Can I cancel LEVART Plus membership after I sign up?
A.Yes, you can cancel anytime from your account page.


Q.How do I contact travelers?
A. Once you have made an account, you can message any person you can find on the Travelers page. From a profile page of a traveler you want to message, press Message. Make sure you have filled out your profile as it helps your chance of getting replies quicker.
Q.How can I increase the number of requests I receive from travelers?
A.Use more! Our algorithm ranks active users higher. Having a fully completed profile also helps you get more requests.
Q.Do I have to meet with travelers?
A.No, you don't have to if you aren't interested in requests you've received.
Q.Is there a required time commitment to being a local user?
A.No, you can choose your own schedule of when you want to meet or help travelers.


Q.What is ANABA?
A.Please see What is ANABA? In Getting Started for here.
Q.How do I post ANABA?
A.You can add from your dashboard or ANABA page by pressing Add ANABA.
Q.If I post ANABA, do I have to meet and guide people there?
A.No, you don't have to meet and guide people, you can just share your ANABA online or guide them wherever you'd like to take them to.
Q.Can I promote my own business by posting an ANABA about it?
A.We define ANABA as a place full of positive surprises. If you truly believe it is your ANABA, we welcome any contributions.
Q.How do I post a review on ANABA?
A.Go to the ANABA posting you want to review. Press Review and share your experience. You can also add photos. Press Submit to post your review.
Q.Can I change or remove a fellow member's review?
A.You cannot change or remove any reviews shared by another user.

Travel Help

Q.What is Travel Help?
A. Travel Help allows travelers to get help from locals in the LEVART community by posting requests. It could be from arranging tickets and reservations, to quick research assistance just like travel concierge. You can name the price as you like.


Q.How do I request for Travel Help?
A.From each ANABA page, you will find Ask for Help button. You can alternatively find the same button from Travel Help page in the header or footer.
Q.What are the common Travel Help requests?
A.You can ask our community anything that you need help with. You can also ask for tickets, or reservations that you are struggling to obtain.
Common requests include:
Help me get a ticket to Ghibli Museum for 3000 yen including a ticket
Accompany me to a Japanese hair-salon for an hour for 2000 yen
Find me this specific game for 1000 yen (excluding the game)
Book me a cooking lesson at a sushi place for 1000 yen (excluding the lesson fees)
Q.If I want tickets or reservations, how early in advance do I have to ask for them?
A.That all depends on what tickets and reservations. Some tickets get sold out very quickly, so we highly recommend arranging few weeks in advance. If you have specific questions, please ask your question in the forum, or message a local.
Q.Is Travel Help Service free?
A.It depends on what your requests are. It is also up to you and local members to decide. If you're requesting to purchase tickets, please make sure to agree on details with each other before proceeding.
Q.How do I pay when I get assistance using Travel Help?
A.It is up to you and the other member. LEVART only provides the platform to connect members. W're currently working on installing the payment system, which will be ready around the summer.


Q.What do I have to do to help travelers?
A.It's up to each request. It can be a quick phone call, research, arranging tickets or shopping - all depending on travelers and their requests.
Q.How can I answer a question that is being asked?
A.You can type your answer into the box below the question and press Send. This will send a message to the user asking the question, with your answer.
Q.How much can I earn by helping travelers with Travel Help requests?
A.It's up to your and travelers to decide as LEVART only provides the platform.

My Account

Q.How do I create an account?
A. Simply click on the Signup button on the header. You can use your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email address to create an account. Creating a LEVART account is totally free and takes less than a minute.
Q.How do I edit my profile?
A.You can edit from the profile page in dashboard.
  1. 1Go to Dashboard.
  2. Click on Profile to edit.
Q.How do I block certain members from contacting me?
A.You can block another member from a private message page with the member you want to block.
  1. Go to Message.
  2. Open the thread with the member you want to block.
  3. Click on the block icon.
Q.How do I deactivate my account?
A.Please email with the URL of your profile page.
Q.Can I make my account private?
A.Yes. You can choose to make your account private and/or turn off the messaging function if you no longer wish to receive messages from other users.
  1. Go to Dashboard > Account > Privacy Settings
  2. Turn Private Account ON and/or Turn off Messages

User Verification

Q.What is Verification?
A.The Verification System offers a safe and easy way to ensure the credibility of our users, and provides you with more information about who you receive requests and offers from, as well as who you send them to.
Q.Is Verification required?
A.No, it isn't. However, we highly encourage users to undergo the process for security and trust purposes. Verified users also receive more replies.
Q.How does verification work?
A.There are 2 methods by which your ID can be verified.
  1. Confirming your email address.
  2. Confirming your SNS accounts.
Q.I didn't receive a verification email upon registration.
A.Please check your inbox and spam box. If you can't find the email, please resend from Verification under your profile.
  1. Go to Profile.
  2. Select Email Verification and resend.


Q.I have not been receiving any email notifications.
A.Please double check that all your Email Notification Settings are ON.
  1. Go to Account.
  2. Turn on Email Notifications.

Contacting Us

Please send us an email from Contact page, and we will get in touch with you shortly. We appreciate any feedback from the members of our community.


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