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Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe is themed around FF14, which I haven't played, but I've played from FF1-12 and there were plenty of things for me to recognise and enjoy here. All the food and drinks are themed on FF characters, items and monsters. Between us, we got an Ifrit pizza, a Bahamut curry, Leviathan noodles, a potion drink, and a moogle ice cream! When I was there, the menu was in Japanese (mostly katakana, which I can read) but there were pictures of the dishes too.
You can arrive at the cafe some time after 9:30 AM on the day itself to start queuing for the lottery. They will keep people in the order in which they showed up. At 10 AM, they will do the lottery, where you pick a numbered token out of a box. People with lower numbered tokens get to book time slots for the cafe first.
A blog I read commented that because of the limited time slots, you really want to pick a number less than #50 to have a chance of getting in. Apparently you can also buy time slots from kiosks for ¥1000.
I love this place because it looks like a re-creation of the world of Final Fantasy! Seriously, perfect for Final Fantasy fans. The cafe offers a truly surreal experience that's sure to be appreciated by Final Fantasy fans and non-fans alike. The attention to detail they've given is amazing: expect to see menu prices in Gil, and be able to order lots of really unique items, like the Gold Saucer parfait from Final Fantasy. I highly recommend getting help from a local to book your tickets - there are lots of rules like entrance/arrival times, and the cafe only takes reservations through an online order sheet that's in Japanese.

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