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Do you want to see the most high energy, futuristic, out-of-this-world show in Tokyo? Of course you do!
The Robot Restaurant, or Robot Cafe, is just a short walk from Shinjuku station, at the heart of the Kabukicho district, and is an experience that you won't find in any other city in the world! Also known as the "robot cabaret", it is one of the most visited entertainment spots in Tokyo among foreign guests!
As soon as you arrive you're treated to a sensory overload of colors, designs, glitter and jewels. Even the air vents are covered in bling! After marveling at the wonderful over-the-top design of the $10 million venue, you'll enjoy a spectacular musical performance including bikini-clad troupes of taiko drummers, building up to the main robot show overflowing with lasers, drums, amazing robots, battling women, wild costumes, and much more.
It's like something out of a sci-fi movie and no expense has been spared in making it the wildest and weirdest show in town. Finally after all the excitement, you can gather your wits by unwinding in our super-glitzy lounge area after the show.
If you're not amazed, entertained, baffled, and blown away, you need to get your pulse checked because this is guaranteed to be one of the most outlandish experiences of your time in Japan.It would be an extremely new experience. You can order drinks at the crazy waiting area and wait for the show to start. The show makes you feel like you are in Las Vegas. It feels surreal. You feel like you are back in reality when you go outside after the show.
The ticket has a discount if you book it through tebelog. It is always good to reserve the ticket in advance if you don't want to pay the full price.

Reviews From Travelers(1)


Loved this! Was so much fun. Would do it again. Even before starting the show the fun started. Outside while waiting to get our tickets we got our pictures taken with the giant robot ladies, then off to the lobby to grab a drink and enjoy some smooth jazz. The show was a feast for the eyes!

Oct 04, 8:19 am

Around Robot Restaurant-Into the future


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