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JUNK STORY is known for their shio chicken ramen, and this bowl offered a light shio broth with a bit of a chicken taste along with a light fried onion flavor. The noodles were medium-thin, and very light. Following with the chicken theme, instead of chashu in the bowl there was lightly seared chicken tataki. It tasted a little bit of yuzu, and was very tender. I've never had chicken tataki in ramen before, and it went with the soup surprisingly well. The egg also creamy and very good.The ramen here is addicting! It’s a little ramen shop with about 10 counter seats, perfect for ramen experts and lovers. Junk Story has an interesting method of serving their ramen, they put raw meat on top of ramen, and the hot broth cooks the meat perfectly! No need to worry.

It’s delicious and I believe that is why this ramen so popular. I was hooked on this ramen after tasting its broth, noodle, and the egg. It took almost half an hour (at 12am!) to get in, but it was worth waiting in line. I had learned later that they make the noodle upstairs of the restaurant. Their ultimate soup was shining and it tastes like every sip is precious. This place is definitely one of Osaka's best hidden gems! By the way girls, they prepare hair ties for you - convenient!

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