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Okadaya is a well-known store among online non-Japanese crafters and locals alike for their huge variety of items. Located in Shinjuku, the store has split their wares between 2 buildings – one for fabric (5 floors and 1 basement floor) and one for accessories and clothing (6 floors and 1 basement floor). Coming from a really small country, it was amazing to see 2 whole buildings dedicated to crafts and fabrics. Unfortunately they didn’t allow photography inside the store, which is why only a few photos are posted up.
The first building you will see is the accessories and clothing store of Okadaya. A board out front explains what is sold in each building, and an English translation is provided for the general classification of each floor but not for the specific items that are also listed.
I went to explore the fabric building first, and what I saw satisfied my curiosity. Pre-cut fabrics, discontinued or out-of-season prints sold in 2-meter cuts, samples made for displays in the store, and fabric remnants were all sold outside in front of the store at discounted rates. Inside the store, racks of beautiful fabrics were arrayed all over the 6 floors and were sorted by type (denim, waffle, patterned and so on). Even if you can’t read Japanese, the fabric is pretty self-explanatory. One thing I really liked is the various advice provided by the store, like suggestions on how to use certain fabrics and what could be made from them. Books and magazines on clothes and accessories making are sold here too, and there is at least one browsing copy for most of the books for customers to look through.Okadaya is the best place to go to if you are looking for stage makeup or costumes. The store has seven floors filled with crafting materials and various costume materials like wigs! There is such a wide variety of different products and materials, if you are a designer or like to create your own clothes or costumes, this store is perfect. The best place in Tokyo for any fashion student or designer. Even if you aren't making your own pieces, if you're looking for a rare button, your best bet to find it is at Okadaya.

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