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This is the perfect opportunity for people who like a tipple every now and then of something different. Learn how sake is made, about the raw ingredients, about the myriad of varieties that are out there. In this program, a British sake master will teach you the A to Z of sake and help you find a sake which is perfectly suited to your personal preferences. It’s like buying a suit, only it’s sake.

- Sake in a nutshell
- History of sake
- SakeSake production proces
- Sake brewery
- Features of sake
- Crash course on how to find a sake to suit your personal tastes

The master will guide you through a selection of flights comprising of 10-15 completely different sakes, taken from breweries located all over Japan.

Special Section: Seasonal Sake Selection
From January through to March, participants will be guided through 3 different newly brewed sakes. The freshness and vivacious quality of this type of sake is truly unparalleled. * Contents may vary depending on season.

Old to New
A selection of sake that allow the participant to experience both old and new sake making styles.

A selection of sake that show off the different aromas that are possible. Prepare to be amazed by the vast array of aromas.

Food Pairing
The master will choose a selection of sake to pair with the food you have brought with you.

The best of the best
Finish off with some of the most exquisitely beautiful refined sakes.

Weird and wonderful
Some of the strangest sakes out there. This flight includes cloudy sakes.

Sake at different temperatures
A selection of one or two sakes served at different temperatures.

Your Choice
You choose the sake and our master will tell you about them.

*After the lesson and guided tasting, you will be free to taste over 100 different kinds of sake including plum wine and other Japanese liqueurs. You are welcome to bring in your own food.

■Price (per person):
1. Lesson and all you can taste: ¥7,000
- Sake lesson and all-you-can-taste sake.
- Feel free to bring in your own food.

2. Yakitori meal option: ¥10,000
- Comes with 12 pcs of Yakitori (grilled chicken on skew)

3. Sushi meal option: ¥10,600
- Comes with 15 pcs of Sushi (nigiri)

■Size: 1 to 10 persons
■Duration: 2 to 3 hours, from 5pm, Monday to Friday

- There is no extra charge to bring in food. Food can be purchased at the department store nearby.
- There is a hot sake making machine for those who prefer hot sake.
- Prohibited to bring in alcohol. (Non-alcohol beverage is allowed.)
- Non-smoking.

Message to book.

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Around ¥7,000 Go on a professionally guided sake journey through 100 different kinds of sake in this, 'all-you-can-taste' experience


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