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I love this ANABA because That beef flake bowl was awesome and the owners are too sweet!
It looks like A small mom and pop shop. Bar type setting that can sit max maybe 10 people.
Perfect for Anyone who wants to try something new!

We found Shirokuma Shokudo on Tabieats’ channel while YouTube surfing for things to do in Hokkaido.

When we first arrived at our destination, per Google Map, we were puzzled. The area didn’t look like a place where a restaurant would be, given the businesses it was surrounded by. So, just to double check, I pulled up Tabieats’ video because I remembered that he had taken a shot of the restaurant from the outside. Sure enough, this was the place!

We went in and were greeted by the husband and wife duo running this place. Sat down at the bar towards the back of the restaurant — a small place that can probably seat 10 people max.

The wife gave us a menu and we went directly to the beef section but wasn’t sure which bowl of the 2 was the one we wanted.

So, again, I pulled up Tabieats’ video to show her and she said that he had the beef flake bowl.

When the bowl came out, oh my goodness, it looked so amazing but more importantly, it was amazingly DELICIOUS. The dollop of wasabi must be eaten with each bite that you take. It was so spicy it made our nose run and eyes watery but boy was it worth it!

What’s more amazing is that, once it’s in your mouth, you don’t realize that the beef is raw! Yes, raw!

/// Directions ///
Minami-Otaru Station
We took the JR Rapid Airport train from Sapporo Station to Minami-Otaru Station as it was faster than the others available — 28 minutes approximately, non-stop. From Otaru Music Box Museum, it is a 2.1km walk to Shirokuma Shokudo.

Otaru Station (closest station)
If taking the JR Rapid Airport train, it’s about a 32 minute train ride from Sapporo Station to Otaru Station. From there, it is a 1.4km walk to Shirokuma Shokudo

3–6–3 Ironai, Otaru 047–0031, Hokkaido
Phone: +81 134-31-4690
Hours: Daily, 11 A.M. — 10:00 P.M.

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