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I love this ANABA because These exist only in Matsue city.
It looks like the old style to be left behind without being changed for the new style.
Perfect for An economic city culture to be defended by a number of moats and earth foundations around the Matsue castle,Enmusubi products handmade goods made on hoped to make a good relationship between Matsue citizen and any people

Matsue Odon a type of Oden , which put the Matsue production leafy vegetables (for example, KurodaSeri) , Sea products taken at the fishing port in Shimane Peninsula and Udon noodles , Mushizushi steamed decorated sushi in Matsue city,Matsue Sweets of traditional methods, Gentan Buckwheat, Botebote porridge chazuke of pickles, Tamagohari shirauo fishes with eggs, Using Izumo-jidenshu traetional rice wine made in Matsue city,Using Yakumo urushi coated wooden wares made in Matsue city , Eat in buildings made by Wrapped pillar with wooden plates rebate alignment and Continuous pillars penetrating only between the two layers of the building, and more.

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Matsue the capital city of the gods country
A map showing the place of hidden city treasures

Apr 16, 5:22 pm

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Around Matsue City Midtown Map for seaking delicious foods,kawaii goods,power spots for getting fortunes,how to use autobuses, traffic systems and amusement places and more named "Jyozan Plus One Lunch Map" presented by Kanko Darazu


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