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  • Raquel
  • (27)


Member since 2016

Language :
Español, Japanese
Visited :
Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, France, Netherlands, Korea



My name's Raquel and I've lived in Spain my whole life, though I've moved around the country quite a lot. I've also been lucky to travel a lot, which is something I have always loved to do. There's hardly anything better than getting a bit lost in a new city and discovering new places and meeting people!
I recently graduated after studying Modern Languages, where I studied Japanese as well. I can talk it, if you're patient enough for my stuttering and don't mind my mistakes too much. Speaking some Japanese would be great, since improving is also a big reason I'm visiting the country!
Among the things I like, I could say music (live music too, it's something I enjoy greatly), reading and writing, movies, sports (though I mostly just go to the gym these days, I wanna start rock climbing soon, among other things)... I love learning about history and art, so I like museums and visiting historical places a lot. I also enjoy greatly going out for some drinks or for a meal; I looooove food and tasting new things and just enjoying it, so I'm always up for that. I'm also a big fan of theme parks or small trips, and of being surrounded by nature.
As you can see my interests are varied so I hope I can meet someone around here to share my days in Japan :)

Past Trips

16 Jul to 20 Sep
Interests for Japan:
Shinto Shrine & TempleStationaryTattooHistoric SightsTheme ParksLandmarksUnique NeighborhoodMuseums & ArtJapanese ArchitectureModern ArchitectureGardens & NatureFestivalsBars & LoungesKaraokeSushiOkonomiyakiUdon & SobaCurryRamen & NoodlesBreakfast & BrunchCafes & BakeriesTheme Cafes & BarsKoreanStreet FoodDesserts
About the trip:
I'm Raquel from Spain! I'll be visiting Japan this summer for the second time (I was there last year as well) and visiting mainly Tokyo (July 16th to August 12th), Kyoto (Sept 1st to 15th) and Osaka (Sept 15th to 20th). I'll also be in Okayama for a while in the middle, but I'll be somewhat in the countryside so it might be harder to meet anyone :) I would also love to make some short trips, like seeing Mount Fuji (which I didn't do last year! :o) or visiting DisneySea/Land or small towns nearby (people always recommend Hakone to me, but I haven't decided yet).

In any case, if anyone would want to meet, I'd love to! <3 I travel alone so conversation is always great to have. I also speak some Japanese and it would be lovely to practice since that is also a great reason I'm traveling to Japan. It's always lovely to meet to eat something or grab some drinks, especially since locals always know the best places! Looking forward to meet you! :D


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