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  • Marco
  • (26)

Art & Design

Member since 2016

Language :
Español, Italiano
Lived in :
Argentina, Italy
Visited :
Argentina, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Belgium, Chile, Brazil, Netherlands



y (personally) incredible plan is going to Japan , I will arrive on the 6th of June and stay for 6 months. So i would like to know people and places to exchange and share the beautiful experience of traveling and showing things of my country and learning from the other.
I havent travell far away since 2 years so Im waiting for it really anxiously.
I enjoy my life in the neigborhood where i live because my friends are some of the best people and more interesting in all the world, but after you travell to other place for more than 2 or 3 months i think you just get adicted, and you need it again after a time hahah.
Live Life, learn of it, change in it, share with other specials humans. Try to make a change in my routine (once in a while its ok, not always, i really like the routine when its one who choses the parts of it) and know other countries (not many but deeply). Play music and understand in what i have to spend my energy.


Talking and talking, while listening music. I like Walking a lot and going to natural places. Always looking for something new and learn about it.
Trying to change things as to really enjoy of everything I do!! . I wake up thinking how the day could be the best one. Real life appears but i always try to go for the dreams, understand also that not nice things can happen but you have to face them and then good results may come.

Past Trips

06 Jun to 31 Aug
Interests for Japan:
MusicCosplayMuseums & ArtGardens & Nature
About the trip:
Hi to Everyone¡¡ Ohayô Gozaimasu¡¡ My name is Marco and on the 6th of June I will arrived to Tokyo for a 6 months travel in Japan. Im learning japanese so i would really like to learn more talking and talking¡¡¡¡ I like to cook and go out, in the city and nature. Im a flexible because my plans will change while im living there¡ I want to know the under music of Japan and also musicians as to exchange views and also to play with¡¡¡ Any help will be super¡¡¡ Dômo Arigatô Gozaimasu.


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