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My husband and I travelled to Japan this May for 3 weeks. We loved our visit! We saw many different places and did lots of different things, such as Shibazakura, Disneysea, Kamakura, Robot Restaurant, Sumo, Ghibli Museum, Tokyo Tower, Kyoto temples and shrines, Hiroshima's peace park, Kobe, Meiji, Uji and a night at Itsukushima. We hope to go again soon!

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Past Trips

09 May to 30 May
Interests for Japan:
Historic SightsShops & MarketsGardens & NatureLandmarksTourist FacilitiesSake Breweries & DistilleriesSeafoodIzakaya & SakeRamen & Noodles
About the trip:
My name is Allison from Canada. My husband Shaun and I will be traveling to Japan for the first time! We can't wait to see all the sites and eat all the food. We'll be based out of Tokyo for half the time and then Kyoto for the other half, visiting surrounding areas. We'd like to meet locals who love to karaoke!

Reviews by Allison

Awesome place to find good food with a view of the canal.

Oct 04, 9:00 am

Was most looking forward to this Shrine and we were not disappointed! Entire walk up and back down took us 3 hours. Including a stop for ice cream.

Oct 04, 8:56 am

Cute story behind the statue. A must see before crossing Shibuya Crossing.

Oct 04, 8:51 am

Very nice shrine. If you go on the weekend you'll most likely see a wedding going on. There were two weddings when we went. Loved the two large trees inside. The walk to the shrine is beautiful. The crunching of foot steps on the gravel pathways take away the peacefulness of the walk though.

Oct 04, 8:27 am

Loved this! Was so much fun. Would do it again. Even before starting the show the fun started. Outside while waiting to get our tickets we got our pictures taken with the giant robot ladies, then off to the lobby to grab a drink and enjoy some smooth jazz. The show was a feast for the eyes!

Oct 04, 8:19 am


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